Tunneldigger documentation

Tunneldigger is one of the projects of wlan slovenija open wireless network. It is a simple VPN tunneling solution based on the Linux kernel support for L2TPv3 tunnels over UDP.

Tunneldigger consists of a client and a server portion.

The client is written in C for minimal binary size and optimized to run on embedded devices such as wireless routers running OpenWrt.

The server portion, referred to as the broker, is written in Python.

Source Code and Issue Tracker

Development happens on GitHub and issues can be filed in the Issue tracker.


Tunneldigger is licensed under AGPLv3.


We welcome code and documentation contributions to Tunneldigger in the form of Pull Requests on GitHub where they can be reviewed and discussed by the community. We encourage everyone to check out any pending pull requests and offer comments or ideas as well.

Tunneldigger is developed by a community of developers from many different backgrounds.

You can visualize all code contributions using GitHub Insights.

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